Dear MSU Student and Parent,

Michigan State University’s InterFraternity Council (IFC) chapters pride themselves on brotherhood, academic achievement, community service, leadership, and setting an example for the greater student body and community of what it means to be a Spartan. Our members are held to a higher standard as a requirement of being part of our community.

Each IFC Member chapter has agreed to and works daily to live up to the standards of the Michigan State community and is committed to providing a safe environment for members and guests at all times. IFC chapters are expected to uphold standards of conduct and follow IFC, university, and organizational policies. While the majority of our members strive to better themselves and maintain strong organizations that prioritize safety and upholding our standards, there are chapters that have not met these expectations and been held accountable for their choices.

On January 31st, 2018, the Delta Chi chapter at Michigan State was suspended by the Delta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters. They are no longer a recognized IFC chapter at Michigan State. The group operating out of 101 Woodmere Ave is not a recognized IFC chapter and does not have oversight to ensure that safety requirements are being met.

While this organization might attempt to recruit new members during the days IFC is holding Spring Recruitment, from January 22nd-25th, they are not an affiliated chapter and not recognized by the University. We hope you have a safe and successful transition to MSU and fraternity recruitment experience. If you have any questions or concerns about any chapter or the fraternity recruitment process, please contact me at


Thank you,

Benjamin Libon