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National website:
Nickname: Skulls, Phi Kapps
Twitter: @PKSMSU
Instagram: @PKSMSU
Chapter house address: 437 Abbot Road
Flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum
Mascot/symbol: Skull and Crossbones
Color(s): Black and Old Gold   


About Phi Kappa Sigma at Michigan State University

The Michigan State chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma is a networking and social fraternity established on the values of Trust, Honor, Respect, Knowledge, Wisdom, Responsibility and Integrity. With over 50 active Chapters and Colonies, our members hold these core values in the highest esteem and strive to live out these values each and every day. We welcome all men?from all facades of life?who wish to join and contribute to an organization that is larger than themselves. Phi Kappa Sigma actively seeks out men to strengthen our Brotherhood and share the Fraternity’s strong traditions.

Fraternity History

Phi Kappa Sigma is a social fraternity established in 1850 based on the mottos of “Brotherhood is More than Skin Deep” and being “Men of Honor.” Phi Kappa Sigma was the first fraternity to withhold any type of discriminatory clause in its constitution based on race, color, or creed (1860). Phi Kappa Sigma is also the only fraternity in whose honor a college has been founded and named (1859). The Beta Delta Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was chartered at Michigan State University in 2011, making it one of the newest and fastest growing fraternities on campus.